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Leading Technology

ImmuRx is changing the potential of immunotherapy to treat cancer and chronic infectious disease.  By stimulating both the innate and adaptive halves of the immune system, ImmuRx has demonstrated significantly greater immune responses and greater therapeutic benefit than most competing adjuvants in a wide variety of disease indications.

Broad Platform

ImmuRx’s unique approach reduces solid tumor mass, increases survival times in cutaneous and hematapoietic tumor models and protects against both viral and bacterial infections at levels approaching 100% in numerous animal models.  The ‘generic’ nature of the ImmuRx platform allows for broad utility against a wide variety of cancers and infectious diseases.

Breakthrough Potential

The ImmuRx adjuvant platform synergistically enhances the magnitude and function of cytotoxic T cells, resulting in superior primary and secondary immune responsiveness against cancer and infectious diseases.  These advances over competing approaches offer the promise of more effective treatment today and the potential to prevent recurrence tomorrow.

Experienced Team

ImmuRx has assembled a team of leading immunologists, clinical practitioners, intellectual property counsel, and management to bring this discovery to the next stage.



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